Ebooks and Resources
a. Introduction to Ebooks by Harvey Castro, MD
Dr. Harvey Castro, an accomplished author and expert in artificial intelligence, has authored a
series of informative and engaging ebooks designed to complement our A.I. chatbots. These
ebooks provide valuable insights, practical guidance, and interactive challenges to help you
maximize your chatbot experience and achieve your goals across various domains.
b. List of Available Ebooks with Descriptions
Deepening Your Faith: A 30-Day Guide to Studying the Bible with ChatGPT Text Bot - This
comprehensive guide, designed for use alongside John AI, offers daily readings, study prompts,
and reflection questions to help you grow your understanding of Scripture and deepen your
relationship with God.
Sherlock Holmes' Investigative Masterclass: A 30-Day Interactive Journey into Crime Scene
Analysis, Criminal Minds, and Real-Life Cases - This immersive guide, intended to be used with
Sherlock Holmes AI, provides daily lessons, case studies, and interactive challenges that will
deepen your understanding of crime-solving principles and techniques.
Convo with G.P.T.: Harness the Power of A.I. for Success in Business and Life Via Texting. On
amazon.com - An insightful guide to maximizing your productivity and efficiency using
J.A.R.V.I.S., this ebook covers various topics, including time management, task automation, and
organization techniques.
Conversación con GPT: Aprovecha el poder de la IA para el éxito en los negocios y en la vida a
través de mensajes de texto. This engaging ebook explores the nuances of the Spanish language
and offers valuable tips and strategies for language learners, with a focus on using Sonia AI to
improve your skills and communication.
c. Link to Amazon Store:
Discover our full range of ebooks and resources by visiting Dr. Harvey Castro's Amazon store at
talEnabled=true]. Dive into these valuable resources and enhance your A.I. chatbot experience
while acquiring new skills and knowledge.